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About Us

30 May, 2024 - Thursday

    The company was established in 2004. The basic idea was to bring modern, up-to-date maintenanace techniques and equipment into the maintenance procedures of various industrial plants. The goal was to:
  • provide trouble-shooting of machinery-detect and the problems/faults/state of machinery as a support to maintenance and offer a solution to eliminate them,
  • provide the customers a secure and more effective production process,
  • decrease maintenance costs, which were due to unexpected break downs,
  • achieve production objectives with less investment,
  • increase the quantity of production.
    In 2004 we provided three basic services:
  • vibration diagnostics,
  • in-place balancing and
  • shaft alignment.

With puchasing a laser belt alignment tool in 2005, we added detection and correction of belt and chain misalignment to our service range. By 2006 a high resolution thermal imager was purchased, so thermovision and thermo analysis became possible as well.

Since the establishment of our company we achieved to be present in many industrial plants, companies as a support in regular predictive maintenance activities. Our high quality services are provided due to the experience and expertise of our employees.

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