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22 June, 2024 - Saturday

    We are balancing on site without dismembering the machine in
  • single plane and
  • in multiple planes.

Balancing of rotational parts on site (in their own bearings)

Unbalance is the most common problem in practice. This effect is noticed only during the operation of the machine, and stays hidden during repairs or when the machine is not working. The consequences are increased noise and vibration levels, the elements wear out quicker, the possibility of an unplanned break down increases. In case of excessive unbalance the machine stops working.

During the process of in-place balancing by vibration diagnostics we determine the type and scale of unbalance. The mass and the exact position of the required weights are calculated. The procedure require 2-3 startups of the machine and a partially opened housing of the rotational part. The time to complete the procedure is about 1-2 hours.

After balancing the operation of the machine (concerning vibrations and noise) becomes normal, the condition of he machine improves, the lifetime of the stressed components increases, e.g. bearing life can increse 2-3 times. The tension caused by the uncertain production is reduced.

Example of an unbalanced thumbler:

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